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About Us

Al-Ghreem General Contracting Company Ltd. was established in Iraq on September 2004, and it opened its main headquarters in Baghdad, then expanded its business and opened a second branch in Najaf Governorate.


The company specializes in many engineering and commercial works that fall within its competence, such as traditional construction works and mosque building works, which require full knowledge of the art of Islamic architecture with great privacy in decoration and the noble Quran verses.

The company is also specialized in the works of steel bridges and various sports stadiums and all their equipment, as well as water and sewage networks projects.

Our company has gained preference and distinction among companies with the testimony of everyone we have concluded contracts with, whether in the governmental or private sectors, as well as the confidence of customers in the cooperation between us.

Construction Workers

Quality and Safety Policy

The elements of quality and safety are among the most important elements that we place among our priorities that we cannot compromise on. We have also, for many years, specialized in providing and completing contracting, construction, maintenance and operation works. We are working on improving the quality in all our work with an excellent quality and safety system that keeps pace with the ongoing challenges and is in line with the different requirements of customers.

The most important procedures of our quality policy are the permanent examination and periodic monitoring of various works with following up how the performance indicators are going for all employees in the company and measuring the extent of customer satisfaction with our services we provide to them, and taking all safety and security precautions.


We at Al-Ghareem Company have a strong goal of building long-term partnerships with many of our customers in Iraq and regional countries, and we are doing our best to achieve this goal to meet the aspirations and needs of our future customers, and we are moving according to a well-organized plan through which we seek to expand our activities To cover our services all over our beloved Iraq.

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